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A Novel Zombie Theory:

I appreciate that the writer of this comic resisted the temptation to make a zombie joke here, but I’m not a strong enough man to do the same.  Zombies are just bored dead people.

Pictures For Sad Children

Found another review!

I admit it:  I regularly do Google searches for these.  I like reading them.  Sue me.

Here’s the latest one I’ve found, though it was written in June:

“Let’s be honest: there are a lot of web series out there.  In fact, there are a lot of horrorweb series out there.  A lot of horror zombie web series.  And frankly: almost all of them are awful.  Amateurish, sloppily made — at best one or two notches above home movies made by adolescents with too much time and technology on their hands.  And then there’s I Am Not Infected.”

Woohoo! Read the whole thing here.

Where did you come from?

Hey, how did you discover us?  Be a gent, leave a comment.

Five Websites During The Zombie Apocalypse

Not directly related to I Am Not Infected, but hey: “Five Websites During The Zombie Apocalypse.

Another great review

What’s this?  Another review?  And it’s ENTIRELY POSITIVE?  Jesus Christ, someone give us a bad review and inject us with a little humility.

Click here to read about how awesome we are.


Amanda Lund

You all pretend to hate Amanda, but just admit it.  You love her.

Now that we’ve come to terms with this, enjoy her in her other web series, “Little Mysteries”:

Currently there’s no way to watch them all neatly and in order, but you can find them all here, albeit a bit scattered:

I don’t know who Andy De Young is, I think he’s like her boyfriend or something.  LAME.  Regardless, “Little Mysteries” is awesome.  I would describe the humor as “subtly absurd.”  It’s what lead us to seek her out and ask her to be on Infected.


Hi everyone

This is Chris.  I’ve written for the show, posted here and there on the forums, and I know who all of you are.  Mostly MacZombie, Dylan, Zito, Obamanator, Claire and my favorite former forum’er: Tomb.   I thought I would post a note on here and see if anyone was reading.

I also wanted to say that I saw Zombieland today, and although I am not the biggest fan of the zombie genre (despite my participation in a zombie webseries) I have to say it was guh-reat.  Highly recommended.

Anyway, carry on. up and running at 100%

ALL BUGS ARE FIXED! (that I could find)

All features, new and old, are functional! Read old comments, make new ones, log in via Facebook and Twitter, download high quality episodes to your hard drive, donate (ahem)…it all works! Wooooooo

An In-Depth Review and Analysis of Zombieland



Got a free ticket to Zombieland tonight at 7:30 at the theater right across the street from where I work. THAT IS AWESOME.

I went to the Zombieland panel at San Diego Comic-Con this July. People from the audience got the chance to ask questions to the director and stars of the movie. Of course, I took the opportunity to shamelessly plug I Am Not Infected. I think the entire room of 6,000(ish) people thought I was a gigantic douche.

Right after that was the Iron-Man 2 panel, though, and I think I redeemed myself: