SPOILER ALERT! Seriously, you can read this but you're missing a lot. You might want to consider just watching from the beginning.

Alright, here goes...


This is Cameraman.He has a name but I can't remember it right now.

Ugh.  Reading.



He was working on the Reality TV show The Frat House of Representatives when:

Zombies took over LA.
There's Bigfoot in the back!  Clear as day.


He hid in the Frat House confessional until he was eventually saved by:

These three idiots.
From left: Idiot, Moron, Dumbass.

This is Hartley, Paul and Charlie. Hartley and Paul are friends, and Charlie whines a lot. Paul has HIV but is surprisingly cool with it.

Hartley, Paul, Charlie and Cameraman lived alone in the Frat House of Representatives until along came:

One day America's Next Top Model isn't going to be on, and she's not gonna know what to do with herself.

Amanda is a bitch.

Oh and Paul is a zombie now.
Brains.  I mean...brains.

This will all be replaced with a video soon. So, hey, something to look forward to.

There's more to it than that, but seriously if you came here to read then you're gonna pretty dissapointed don't you think? Watch the show from the beginning. You'd be surprised, most people get sucked in after the first handful of episodes.